Lost 8Kg In 30 Days (Reference Tel. No. available).
Age: 48 yrs plus / Profession: Business / City: Mumbai / Type of Programme : Wonderslim SPL Diet Prog. / Joining Weight: 85 Kg
After Weightloss: 77 Kg / Medical History - Breast Removed, Blood Presure, Thyroid, Hysterectomy (removal of Uterus).

Hi This is Veena Sanghvi, I am a business women due to stress and lot of medical problems i put on around 25kg tried lots of weight Loss programme but nothing worked then one day when i was searching on internet i got to know about wonder slim amazing programme i lost 8kg in just a month. I was assured that this was the programme i was looking for. I started feeling better a lot. I have rejoined the programme as i just took a trial pack my target is 60kg. The supporrt from the Dietician is amazing always there to help you.

Lost 20 Kg In 3 months (Reference Tel. No. Available)
Age: 36 yrs / Profession: House Wife / City: Pune / Type of Programme: Wonderslim SPL Diet Prog. / Joining Weight: 78 Kg / Ht. 5.5ft.
After Weghtloss: 58 Kg / Medical History : High Blood pressure, Diabetic, Thyroid.

Hi, This is Alpa Bhatt. I have lose 20kg weight from PD’s Wonderslim within 3 months with so many medical problems i was not able to visit Gym i started my Wonderslim diet programme which was referred by one of my friend. We are on our time and money as it is slim at home concept. I am feeling good my blood pressure has come to normal, swelling on face is reduced looks better, with this diet ie don’t feel low I feel more energetic. I was into lot of stress because of my weight. I think motivation and support was the major reason I lost weight, I am very happy.

Name: Mr. IAN
Lost 15Kg in 45 Days (Reference Tel. No. available).
Age: 40 yrs / Profession: Business / City: Hyderabad / Type of Programme : Wonderslim Diet Prog. / Joining Weight: 110 Kg 
After Weightloss: 95 Kg / Medical History - Polio, Coustipation, Hyper tension

Hi, this is IAN, was very upset of my weight as I was polio patient it was difficult for me to lose weight as Gym was not allowed when I came to know about wonderslim I contacted them joined the programme I was neither able to lose weight anywhere but when I joined from 1st week I started losing weight, it was amazing I was able to eat more than what I use to. They were always there to motivate me and make me feel better, I m very happy and still on the programme.

Lost 20 Kg In 3 months (Reference Tel. No. Available)
Age: 24 yrs / Profession: BPO / City: Delhi / Type of Programme: Wonderslim SPL Diet Prog. / Joining Weight: 90 Kg / Ht. 5.5ft.
After Weghtloss: 70 Kg / Medical History : Poly Cystic Ovary / Thyroid.

Hi, I am SEEMA, I am a very happy with this programme as I was very upset because due to my weight I was not able to get married and lots of pressure from my parents. I was assured from wonderslim that if I support them they will surely help me out. As due to PCOD I was not able to lose weight (lot of you must in the same condition) when I joined in just 3months I lost 20kg amazing now I m so relived my parents are happy. Please join wonderslim it really helps.

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